Oct. 6th, 2009 10:01 am
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on 2009-10-11 08:48 pm (UTC)
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Congratulations on your marriage, Kimmie :)

on 2009-10-20 04:02 am (UTC)
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thank you! how've you been?

on 2009-10-14 01:16 am (UTC)
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Odd place to leave this, but I figure if I put it here, you are sure to see it. I am passing this on from Elixxir's journal. I thought it might be of interest to you:

Some of you may or may not recognize the lj name ioevri1. Whether you know her or not, the point is there is a 10 year old little boy (of a friend of hers) currently in the hospital fighting leukemia and I seriously cannot even type that sentence without crying. He is feeling about as poorly as you can imagine a twee person with leukemia cells behind one of his eyes who is awaiting the start of chemo can possibly feel. What Adam needs right now is nothing more than hope and encouragement so I have to ask with all the weepy-eyed mom-love I have overwhelming me, please consider dropping him a get well card or some words of encouragement to help him rally for this fight. If you're inclined to do more anything that can help him pass the time while in the hospital would be great...comic books, cds, movies, puzzles, whatever. If it's something he can do with his 5 year old brother, even better. Keep in mind he is in Scotland though so any DVDs would have to be their version not ours. What he needs most though is words of encouragement and a break from the horrible monotony of being in the hospital. Maybe a little about where you are from and what it's like where you live compared to Scotland? Knowing that he has people all over the world rooting for him can literally make all the difference.

Because he is a minor she wants to keep his full name and address off the Intarwebs at large but you can either email her at or me at and either of us will provide his snail mail address to write to. Come to think of it if you can't afford card and stamp right now because times are hard, why not send an e-card or email with your words of encouragement? Preferably to Jill since she's closer but if you send it to me I can print and mail it on your behalf. Just put TO ADAM in the subject line to help us manage them.

Thanks in advance for your help with this. Please feel free to cut and paste and repost this in your own journals to help get the word out.

Hope married life is treating you well. When do we start getting some little Nefases? :D

on 2009-10-20 04:03 am (UTC)
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oh poor kiddo. i'll see what i can do. *hug*

as for mininefas, we might start trying next year. =x


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