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yesterday in class, one of the girls was looking at photos of another girl's niece that is about 5 months old and said, "awwww she's so cute! look at those chubby cheeks!! i could just eat her up!"

i know i've said it a bunch of times, too. i see something i like, and depending on what context it is (like the baby thing above, if i see a hot guy, etc), i sometimes make a comment on consuming it in one way or another.

wtf is up with that? and obviously, it's not just me. i know i've seen a ton of you on my friends list either in person, on here, or over aim say something about consuming someone/thing that is not generally considered a food item.

like in "soapdish":
hot guy walks by.
chick1: yummy!
chick2: ...with a spoon!

yeah. so do we as a speces just really adore our food that much? it seems possible. it's part of "the fat problem." especially in creatures that evolved in plenty/scarcity type situations (many creatures, including humans). if there's a situation with plenty, it's a natural thing to want to consume as much as possible in preparation for the next famine/winter/etc. food is a precious thing!

or is it something else? is there some primal urge to simply consume things we desire or find wonderful or want for ourselves?

obviously, sometimes this is taken way too far. some well-known examples are issei sagawa and jeff dahmer. is this something like the above except taken to extremes? taken too far due to mental illness/sociopathy?

for some reason, this was on my mind all day yesterday. then i had a dream about it. i figured i should post some of my wee ramblings (this is just a tiny tidbit of all the crap swirling in my head about it).

so i leave you with my favorite line from "ravenous":


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