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so here's the Important thing:

there's a woman named [ profile] dark_inamorata aka [ profile] sewin_suki. she's friends with some friends of mine, and she's in a bit of a fix. don't worry, this isn't like that crazy cat lady that lies about cats getting set on fire and stuff.

to quote [ profile] morganofthefay:

She's got four kids, the youngest two having been born in little over a year of one another, finances are nonexistant, and she's currently battling a nasty golf sized tumour in her brain. She's trying hard, and the one thing that makes her happy (as well as generating much needed cash) is sewing. Her machine broke recently, and it looks like it'll be $300 to fix it. I'd like to achieve a bare minimum of $300 - but with the holidays coming up, anything else will be sent for some presents for the kids.

so i figured some of you might be intersted in helping someone you don't know for xmess. i know a lot of you are just like me and have NO MONEYS (although i'm totally giving a whole $1 to the fund this afternoon), and that's okay. if you can't give or don't want to, i won't stick my tongue out at you (well, i might, but only if you ask nicely). it just seems to me that the more people that see this, the more chance she has of getting a new sewing machine from Santa (aka ljers) to sew her heart out. and that would be rather neat.

so if that's something you feel like doing, you can send donations directly to her via paypal at: ♥



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