Dec. 15th, 2006 06:42 pm
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so i really love the burning crusade trailer for WoW. i really, really do.
mostly because i've been in <3 with illidan for a long time. yeah, i know.

anyway, there's a wee version on youtube here or a high-res version on http://www.worldofwarcraft.com.

and i got my beta key finally! YAY!
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so back before they changed the way nefarian works (end boss in blackwing lair -- world of warcraft), we would do a "naked wipe" to see what colors the dragonkin were that we had to kill in the first phase of the fight. a "naked wipe" is when we take all of our armor off and everyone dies. that way we didn't have to pay to repair our armor, we could see what the colors were, and then we could make them go away so we could set up to kill them. we don't do this anymore because they changed the timers on the boss.


a while ago, we did a naked wipe, and one of the shims (a guy that plays a girl character) died with hir face in my crotch. i let him know, and he took a screenshot.

now i present it to you for your viewing pleasure. completely safe for work.

also, i'm the first one on the server to get the blessed qiraji musket from AQ40. go me. it's not really that stellar right now, but after 1.10, it will be pretty good. i still want the xbow from bwl, though. if it ever drops for us again.

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this music really makes this video something special.
i might be in love.

twin emps.

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i got my chance for some naked one-on-one time with ragnaros, and i took it!

...and this time i remembered to remove my cape.
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a picture of me dancing with sulfuron in molten core
(world of warcraft)

* last night in mc, the server crashed and went boom right before we killed this boss. we couldn't do anything but run around and not kill, so i ran right up to him and started dancing before i logged. hee. =)


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