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So, I currently hate the credit card company I use, and I'm considering not using it anymore, even if they do have the best cash back options. At some point, something I did tripped their fraud protection. So they shut down the card. Was I notified? No. So I went to the grocery store, and suddenly my card is declined. AFTER it is declined, they call... "Oh gee... did you want to actually use that card? We had a fraud alert. Oh... that was your normal purchasing activity? Gee. That sucks. Kbye." So they turn the card back on. Meanwhile, I've paid a hospital bill with that card. Oh shit, they swiped it twice. Queue fraud alert. I go to the same fucking grocery store as before. It's declined... they call. "Oh gee... did you want [ad nauseum]."

So I complain. This is inappropriate. If you automatically shut down the card, you should automatically call me when you fucking shut it down.

"Oh well if you don't like it, don't use the card."

No problem. I won't.

But I'm not satisfied. I want more than this. How do I get revenge on this fucking thing? Give me ideas.

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Everything they do, saving money is the #1 concern of theirs. They'd rather shut off your card than the possibility that they'd be out $100 in a grocery store.

So, it depends on how much time you want to put into this, and how much recognition you want back. First, find out who the president of the bank is. You can call the main branch or look it up on the Internet. Then, write a couple paper letters and send them off to his/her attention. Don't spend a lot of your time on it, but jot something down that sounds like you're annoyed and send it off. In theory, letters addressed to a particular person has to be delivered to their desk. In reality, it might go through a few layers and may get delegated without hitting the desk of the CEO. But, that's the point. Every person who spends 15 minutes on your letter costs the bank 1/4 of their hourly wage.

The point is, you'll probably never get anyone to say "sorry" and mean it. But, you can burn more of their money than they cost you, so the idea is to spend as little of your time as possible to cost them as much of their time/money as possible.

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Well, turns out that it's not the actual credit union we use but their security company. So what I'm going to do first is send some emails to the appropriate people. I've done stuff like that before, but it still wasn't (isn't) going to satsify me. I don't need them to say sorry... I need them to repair their problem.

Depending on if/when I get a reply (they have a week), I'm going to call my customer service number...I should be nice and calm by then and able to use my words instead of grumbling curses and whatever poor sap had to pick up the phone. I'm also going to record the convo. Depending on what happens there, I may or may not post that conversation somewhere.

Eventually, if I still don't feel better, and they still won't verbalize an understanding of the need to fix this problem, I'll make a big enough stink anywhere I can think of until I feel better. Then it doesn't matter if they do anything or not. =)

This security company already has a ton of complaints out on it, so I'm not entirely sure why this credit union is using them. Meh.


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